Software Engineer, Co-founder and Proptech creator

Experienced software designer with 14+ years in software architecture, network design, and coding. Seeking opportunities to collaborate with a team towards the goal of creating exceptional products. When not programming, I enjoy deploying containerized environments and spending time with my dogs, Lola and Fluffy.

App Showcase
Co-founder + CTO
May 2018 — December 2022
Pasadena, California
  • Developed core components from data partners pipeline from scratch. Implemented systems for digital marketing initiatives: Generating video, landing pages with lead capture, presentation materials and graphics delivered ready-to-share on any media channel.
  • System designed the stack using Laravel, Serverless Framework, Node.js, and Vue2/3. Utilized processing power tools such as AWS Lambda and EC2 for optimal performance.
  • Performed thorough code reviews to ensure high-quality and maintainable code. Managed release branching, code merges, reverts, and versioning using GitHub Organizations.
  • Set up procedures to streamline and automate app development and deployment using Docker containers.
  • Solid understanding of networking concepts such as VPN, DNS, and load balancing, as well as experience in configuring and maintaining network infrastructure and ensuring high availability and performance.
Real Data Strategies
Engineering & Technical Lead
May 2018 — June 2021
Brea, California
  • Developed a real-time analytical app using Laravel, Tailwind, Vue3 and Intertia.js, allowing users to view monthly home sales data from over 200+ MLS datasets. Utilized Laravel to set up the backend infrastructure for the app. Incorporated Inertia.js, Vue 3 and Tailwind for the front-end of the application. Monitored the app's performance and scalability, and made adjustments as needed to ensure optimal performance.
  • Migrated legacy Microsoft Access databases to Aurora MySQL, modernizing the system and improving data accessibility. Conducted a thorough assessment of the existing Access databases to identify data structure, relationships, and dependencies.
  • Set up a data pipeline for processing raw sales data from over 200 MLS sources on a daily basis. Implemented data validation, cleaning, and error handling to ensure data accuracy and consistency
Pacific Union International
Digital Marketing Manager / Full-stack Developer
January 2017 — May 2018
San Francisco, California
  • Facilitated the successful migration of three tech departments for John Aaroe Group, Partner Trust, and Gibson international ecosystems to the Pacific Union LA division brand intranet developed by my department. Worked closely with the IT teams to implement a comprehensive migration plan.
  • Project managed the rebranding of the company's user-facing platform, intranet, and internal marketing tools in collaboration with an agency partner. Worked closely with the partners to define project scope, timelines, and deliverables. Communicated regularly with all stakeholders to ensure the project was on track and delivered on time.
  • Collaborated with C-Suite management to comprehensively review the company's organizational structure and budgeting processes and identified areas for improvement.
John Aaroe Group
Digital Marketing Manager / Full-stack Developer
January 2014 — December 2016
Beverly Hills, California
  • Created and developed an internal intranet platform using Laravel for a company with 500 of the leading brokers and agents in Los Angeles. Designing the overall architecture and layout of the platform, including the user interface, navigation, and functionality.
  • Maintained and managed the company's consumer-facing app powered by Ruby on Rails (RoR) that processes listing and sale data from some of the nation's largest IDX systems involving several tasks such as monitoring and troubleshooting any issues, optimizing performance to ensure it could handle high traffic and large amounts of data, keeping backups of data to rollback in case of issues, collaborating with other teams such as design and marketing, business development to improve performance and user experience.
  • Developed internal tools for users to create custom newsletters that integrate with third-party APIs, such as Mailchimp and other CRMs. Created an interface for users to easily create and customize newsletters to send to recipients.
  • Developed an internal video generator, harnessing FFMPEG and Puppeteer, for listings with a front-end interface that allows users to select photos and input copy, and then sent an email with the generated video to the user to publish on social media channels.
  • Setup a static website for every new property listing for the company and agent with its own unique subdomain URL. Include a gallery, documents and video of the subject property that was managed by office staff and integrated with the company site and intranet.

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